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Studio Beats: Nature Sounds

Convict Lake, CA 1” by Matthew Brandt

Go ahead. Inspire yourself with the sweet sounds of nature. On this free nature sounds mixer, you can customize your outdoor aural paradise. Missing a beach fire hang out to work in your studio? Plug in “beach,” “fire,” “sparklers,” and maybe a “whale.” Adjust your levels and it’s like you’re there. Who needs friends and sweet memories when you’ve conquered the auditory landscape?

Yeah, we know it’s difficult to work when everyone in the whole world is hanging out in the park, so maybe this mixer will make your life a little bit easier. Regardless, it’s fun to screw around with for awhile. We made a pretty terrifying mix of children giggling in the forest with wolves howling and a distant tribal drum.

Check out the nature sounds mixer below and click here to visit the Nature Sounds For Me website.

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