Digital Residency 0

Lauren Pelc-McArthur: Week 2














Here are some sneaks for an animation i’ll post next week!







I want to create spaces, objects and figures that are seemingly impossible but somehow situated in reality.   My practice is split between painting (oil/acrylic) and digital images or animation. Most of my computer based work is put together in Cinema 4D with some Photoshop thrown in. The first task I go about when I am using computer programs is to seek out ways to push them to their limits. These programs are capable of a lot of strange and otherworldly visuals when they are explored for reasons other than their prescribed purpose.  At this point, it doesn’t interest me to create perfect, life-like models or animations.  Most  shapes in these scenes are  covered with details of my oil/acrylic paintings. The texture and colours of the paint creates a material that looks like a cross between alien skin and metal.

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